Marge Almy extra-lucky Where's Santa? winner


Marge Almy of Cobleskill is a double-winner in the Times-Journal's Where's Santa? contest.
Ms. Almy found the tiny Santas hidden in ads for Hubie's, Maple Hill Farm and Helderberg Stove in the December 16 Times-Journal.
Ms. Almy won the $25 prize after her entry slip was drawn from the 81 correct entries that week.
Where's Santa? also has a $100 grand prize winner drawn from all the entries in the five- week contest.
However, all of the nearly 500 entries, except for Ms. Almy's, were lost in the Times-Journal fire last week. So Ms. Almy won again.
"I'm sorry we lost the other entries," said T-J Publisher Jim Poole, "but I'm glad to award the grand prize to Marge. She's a loyal reader and a good friend."