State Police give arson timeline


State Police provided the following timeline of the string of arsons and other events that began June 26 on Baldwin Road in Summit and continued through July 11.
--On June 26, Cobleskill Troopers received a complaint of criminal mischief to a vehicle on Baldwin Road.
The damage, which occurred overnight, consisted of a slashed seat and the keying of the exterior.
--On July 2, at about 1:30am, State Police received a report from a different address on Baldwin road of a vehicle on fire.
That vehicle was totally destroyed.
--On July 5, at about 4:30am, the Sheriff's Office received a report of two vehicles on fire back at the original July 2 location.
Both vehicles were a total loss and a barn adjacent to one of the vehicles sustained major damage.
The State Police and Sheriff's Office pool resources to launch a joint investigation and with the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control, the County Fire Coordinator's Office, and the Summit Volunteer Fire Department, conduct an investigation into the cause and origin of each fire.
--On July 11, a third arson occurred at yet another home on Baldwin Road.
One vehicle was a total loss and two others sustained significant damage.
The burning vehicles were close enough to the home-which was occupied at the time-that there was significant damage to the home itself.
The investigation continues.
The OFPC determines the cause of each fire is "incendiary," the juvenile female suspect is developed after interviews with residents, physical evidence is secured and analyzed, a search warrant is executed on the suspect's residence, and after additional physical evidence is secured, the 14-year-old is arrested.