Hall leaving as Cobleskill PM


By Patsy Nicosia

After 13 years in Cobleskill, Postmaster Tony Hall is moving on.
Mr. Hall's promotion to Postal Operation manager, a job that will base him in Schenectady, was effective July 9, but his responsibilities in Cobleskill ended Thursday, making that effectively his last day.
He will continue to live in Cobleskill.
Mr. Hall, 57, will be replaced temporarily by Officer-in-Charge Randy VanBrocklin, who's postmaster in Broadalbin.
Filling the slot with a fulltime replacement will probably take a month or so, Mr. Hall said.
Mr. Hall's worked for the Postal Service for 37 years, spending a dozen years in South Yonkers, another dozen in Albany, and 13 in Cobleskill where he was sworn in on May 3, 2003.
He said he's enjoyed his time here and it's the day-to-day interaction with residents that he'll miss most.
"It went by in a flash," he said. "It doesn't seem like it's been 13 years."
Mr. Hall's seen plenty of changes in the 37 years he's been with the Postal Service, but he's convinced there will always be a need for what it delivers.
For example, the Postal Service has begun making Sunday deliveries for Amazon and will soon be delivering groceries ordered online through Amazon as well.
"Things change, but sometimes they come full circle," he said. "The Postal Service fills a need and we'll always be here."